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Big Data

Big Data is not just data that is big, but data that simply, uncontrollably and briskly- keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Why Big Data?

Enterprises have long ignored the power of Big Data. And suddenly, they find themselves staring at huge haystacks and mazes of data. The world changed from exa to yotta in the blink of an eye; and true competitive advantage turned out to be tucked somewhere underneath these very mountains and mazes.


Data analytics is rooted deep in CGI’s DNA. Markets are oversaturated with data produced at an accelerated rate, flowing from myriad sources. Actionable, timely insight into this data, has become the “holy grail” of Federal Agencies and Commercial entities across the board. Our approach to collection, organization and visualization of data has been enhanced and polished through our cross industry expertise. Many of our Financial, Energy and Healthcare clients benefited from our solutions that allowed their organizations gain valuable insight through predictive and prescriptive models built by a team of our data scientist and business experts.


The rate of change in today’s business environment requires leaders to be able to make immediate decisions on critical issues with very limited time to collect, sort, and analyze information. The unfortunate reality is that although a vast amount of useful data already exists within a customer’s environment, they rarely have the appropriate access and time to leverage this information for their decisions. Data is at the core of every business transaction. As systems become more dependent on data that resides in multiple sources, a data integration strategy becomes paramount to ensure consistent and easy access to enterprise information.

With a deep history in data integration, security, and transformation, CGI offers business intelligence services designed to give clients control over their businesses and insight into the data at their fingertips.


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