Offshore Staffing

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Offshore Staffing

The world that we experience now is growing at an exponential pace. Companies equal to the size of countries lead the industries and make it very difficult for new entrants to survive the competition. To take on the big boys at their game and to grow in such monopolistic environment, companies need to shove off the orthodox techniques and need to think out-of-box. Talent plays a big role in taking a company from 0 to 1 and then 1 to 'n'. However attracting top talent for a company is far from easy. To fulfill these unique strategic and administrative talent needs offshore staffing proves to be a great alternative.

The growth rate of Indian IT firms over the past decade has been much higher than their western counterparts. The biggest reason for the same is the availability of top IT talent supplemented by state-of-art technical infrastructure, advanced English skills and a good understanding of the Western culture.

Benefits of Offshore Staffing?

  • Cost

    A very fundamental reason for offshore outsourcing is cost benefits.

    Expensive resources are easy to find but difficult to endure with. Many firms avoid increasing their operational costs and reducing their profits by investing hugely in human capital. And therefore they approach affordable geographies where they can find equally good talent acquirable at much lower costs.

  • Advantage of choosing from a large pool

    By adopting offshore staffing solutions, firms get to choose from a large talent pool.

    Different countries have different work styles, different cost-to-benefit ratios and different talents hailing from great educational and training institutions. Companies get a wide variety of talent to choose from.

  • Fresh Perspective and Ideas

    Having someone across the world view your product, service or idea will definitely bring in a different perspective to the team.

    Historically only customers/clients could complete this feedback loop. How about having someone in-house with a different mindset provide feedback and fresh perspective?

  • Increased Flexibility

    The offshore partner is like an extension of your team.

    Though the employees are not employed by your company, they are like an additional arm for you. This provides the company an unusual flexibility to work in difficult situations and to meet the expectations of various demand-supply scenarios.

  • Unwavering Focus

    Having an offshore team assigned for a specific purpose enables companies to focus on their sole purpose i.e. their core business rather than investing time and energy on non-core functions.
  • Increased advantage for start-ups

    Most of the IT start-ups these days, especially SaaS(Software-as-a-Service) and PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service) require quality software engineers and testers.

    Moreover, the scalability of their work is inconsistent. In this case, having an offshore team is an added advantage which not only provides added support but also helps in market expansion and branding at Global level.

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